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Barrier-Free Showers

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Make Getting in and out of the Shower in Your Home Safer Than Ever with 

Barrier-Free Showers from Expo Home Improvement

Not only do barrier-free showers give your bathroom a more modern and open feeling, they are also designed to provide a safer bathing experience that will allow you to age in place in your home. If you struggle with limited mobility or are confined to a wheelchair, a safe shower from Expo Home Improvement is just what you need. Our barrier-free showers are customized to your specific preferences so you can choose everything from the actual size of the shower, to the style options, all the way down to the accessories. But what really sets our barrier-free showers apart from other styles is that they are outfitted with a number of incredible safety features, including:

    • Barrier-free threshold - As the name implies, barrier free showers don't have a barrier that you need to step over in order to access your shower. This greatly reduces the risk of slipping and falling while entering your shower.
    • Non-slip flooring - Our non-slip flooring reduces the chances of falling while you're in the shower.
    • Seating options - Our barrier-free showers come with a number of seating options so that you can sit in comfort while showering.
    • Grab bars - Our grab bars can be installed anywhere you would like inside of your barrier free shower to make maneuvering easier than ever.

    What's more, once you decide to purchase a new barrier-free shower from us, we will have it custom manufactured and our factory-trained technicians will get right to work installing it. We can typically complete the installation within days.

    For more information about the barrier-free shower options we have available to homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas, as well as throughout Central Texas, contact Expo Home Improvement today. We look forward to working with you to give you the barrier-free shower of your dreams.

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