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4 Signs Your Home Has Insulation Issues

4 Signs Your Home Has Insulation Issues

Posted in Insulation

As the temperature rises, signs of summer begin to pop up everywhere. You start seeing more sunglasses, shorts, and snow cone stands, for example. But there are certain signs indoors as well, especially if your home has improper insulation.

If you're unsure about whether you need insulation installed or evaluated, here are four signs that could indicate your home has insulation issues.

1. High Electric Bills

Insulation is just one piece of the utility bill puzzle, but it's a big one. If you're experiencing high or higher electric bills than usual—and there is no obvious explanation for it—your home's insulation may be to blame. When there are insulation issues (e.g. too little insulation, the wrong type, etc.), it makes your heating and cooling units work harder to maintain temperature. This is even worse during seasons of high or low temperatures, such as summer and winter.

2. Cold Walls and Ceilings

Are your walls cold to the touch during cold days? How about your ceilings? You won't know this sign until you actually feel them yourself, so consider manually checking out walls and ceilings in different areas of your home to identify potential insulation problem areas. This is also more evident in the winter. The reverse can also be true (i.e. walls and ceilings warm to the touch), but it's more difficult to identify insulation issues in the summer than the winter (for walls and ceilings, at least). Also, be sure to monitor your attic insulation effectiveness by checking temperature every now and then.

3. Inconsistent Temperatures

Is there a room or area of your home that is always warmer than others in the summer and cooler than others in the winter? This could be a sign of inconsistent insulation, which directly impacts temperature. If heat is retained better in certain rooms, these rooms likely have better or stronger insulation. The rooms that transfer temperature changes more easily could likely benefit from more effective insulation.

4. Plumbing Issues

Does your house often get water leaks or frozen pipes? If this is happening on a regular basis, your home's insulation could be to blame. When it rains, leaks can damage your insulation and lead to extra moisture and wetness in places that usually don't get it. (Ironically, a leak can lead to more leaks.) Freezing pipes can also indicate the temperatures inside aren't being protected well enough from temperatures outside. This can lead to costly repairs and frustrations, so installing proper insulation to prevent plumbing issues alone makes it worth it.

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