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6 Types of People Who Should Consider Walk-In Tubs

6 Types of People Who Should Consider Walk-In Tubs

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Contrary to popular belief, walk-in tubs aren't just for the elderly. They have the potential to provide a comfortable and safe bathing experience for anyone. That being said, they're a particularly smart investment for certain types of individuals.

Here are some examples of people who should consider this type of bathtub.

1. Seniors and Elderly Individuals

Of course, it's true that walk-in tubs are a great bathing solution for the elderly. Seniors should consider a walk-in bathtub install if bathing in a traditional tub or shower has become challenging and hazardous. Since walk-in tubs have low thresholds and built-in seats, they're ideal for elderly individuals who need easy access. Safety features like grab bars and nonslip flooring offer added peace of mind (both to seniors and their caregivers).

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2. Those with Mobility Issues

Whether because of a disability or medical condition, mobility issues can make traditional bathtubs a significant risk. Walk-in tubs, however, better promote independent bathing for these individuals by eliminating the need to navigate high walls or precarious steps. From handrails and contoured seats to hydrotherapy, walk-in tub features are designed for accessibility.

3. Recovering Patients

After surgery or an injury, it may be challenging to bathe normally. But a walk-in tub offers convenience and comfort for recovering patients by allowing them to bathe with reduced risk of slips or falls. The therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy can also aid in the recovery process by promoting relaxation, reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.

4. Those with Physically Demanding Jobs

Caregivers, construction workers and landscapers are just a few examples of roles that put a big strain on the body, day in and day out. Not only do walk-in tubs provide some much-needed rejuvenation and relaxation, but they put less strain on your muscles, fill quickly and are easy to clean, simplifying the bathing process and saving time.

5. Individuals with Chronic Pain

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From arthritis to back pain, if you're dealing with long-term pain or discomfort, a bathtub replacement may be for you. Walk-in tubs can target sore muscles and joints through jets, adjustable temperature settings and even therapeutic massage features in some models.

6. Anyone Seeking Luxury

At the end of the day, walk-in tubs aren't just for physical ailments or limitations. They add a bit of luxury and relaxation to your bathroom with optional features like aromatherapy system, soothing lighting, heated surfaces and other perks that turn the bathing experience into a spa-like retreat.

If you're interested in a walk-in tub or have questions, contact Expo Home Improvement today and we'd be happy to provide a consultation or give you a no-obligation quote.