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A Sign Of Hope!

A Sign Of Hope!

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Although this may not be a typical post from our company, we found the more we shared this amazing story with others, the more it brought hope! And we could all use some hope right now. Pause and enjoy. #WEBEhopeful

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Terms that were not in our everyday language just a few short weeks ago. Now our world, country and even the great state of Texas know them well. They are terms that have stopped us in our tracks, having all of us wondering when we will take steps forward again?

Here at Window Expo and Bath Expo, we too have felt the impact and uncertainty of what is to come. But last Wednesday night, a sign of hope was delivered to our company, and it all started with a text message from a previous customer, and a painted window.

I was sitting on my couch that Wednesday night when a text message came through with this photo:

Girl painting rainbow on window with message "God has us! God has your company too! I love this window!"

In the midst of a difficult and uncertain week for us all, our wonderful customer sent us this sign of hope. I cannot tell you how this encouraged our company and team. After letting her know this, she simply texted back:

Go paint a rainbow.

So we did! Our team returned to our offices and homes the next day, took our Expo Markers, and started drawing rainbows as a sign of hope:

At the close of the business day, storms started building here in Dallas. I sat in my office watching the winds plow through the trees, the sky growing dark and the rain coming down in sheets. I looked to my rainbow on my office window, and pushed through wrapping up my day.

At 7:20pm, I left my office and as I turned from the parking lot onto the street, sunlight hit my face, and as I turned, I saw this:


Now that's a sign of HOPE. I just sat in awe of God's goodness and gifts of hope to us in times of uncertainty. It is our hope at Window Expo & Bath Expo that you cling to hope right now. As a company, we'll be focusing on bringing messages of hope and being hope in our community for the next 40 days. It is our prayer this brings you encouragement and hope.

We encourage YOU to draw a rainbow at home!

Window Expo and Bath Expo are now Expo Home Improvement

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