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Choosing a New Front Door

Choosing a New Front Door

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Choosing a new front door is ostensibly a straightforward task. You simply pick the color of the rectangle you want and you're done, right? The truth is, you may be surprised at the number of options you have that often go well beyond what meets the eye.

From materials to colors and finishes, there are several considerations when you are choosing a new front door. Let's go over several of them.

Repair or Replace?

For starters, determine whether you need to replace your front door, or whether it can be repaired with a new coat of paint and touch-up work. Anything cosmetic is repairable, but loss of function usually means it's time to replace. Signs that it's time to replace your front door include space (or lack thereof) around or under it, any dents/rusting/splitting/peeling, squeaky hinges, locks that don't work properly and increased energy bills. Once you decide it is time to replace your front door, you have a few choices to make.


When choosing a new front door, the actual door material will often be the first consideration. Wood is a common material, but there are several types of wood, from composite and engineered wood to solid hardwoods, each with their own benefits. Furthermore, this can be broken down into further categories like oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, pine and other woods. Other popular materials to consider when choosing a new front door include fiberglass/composite, steel and aluminum. Factors in your decision include climate, usage, location and more, so be sure to talk to a professional door installer or home improvement expert before making the final decision on a material.

Color and Finish

Next, it's important to consider the door's aesthetics when choosing a new front door. There are countless colors to choose from, as well as finishes to consider. These can also be dependent on the material you use for your door. But some examples of finishes includes:

  • Polyester: baked on, must be repainted periodically

  • Vinyl: high quality, weather resistant

  • Wood fiber/laminated wood veneer: natural looking, premium

Windows and Other Features

Do you want a door with a window? How about a peephole? New front doors come with lots of options and you're changing out the door, so it's the perfect time to find the features you want. There may be a particular style you want, or another feature like a high-security lock or premium handle/knob. Whatever you're envisioning for the entrance to your home, you can trust a reputable company like Expo Home Improvement to make it a reality.

Whether you're still in the process of choosing a new front door and have questions or are ready to take action, contact Expo Home Improvement today for a free quote.