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Do You Need a Storm Door?

Do You Need a Storm Door?

The entrance to your home is the focal point, and a beautiful walkway, porch, and front door can boost your overall curb appeal. Your entryway also allows you to showcase some outdoor design and your unique style and personality.

Choosing your front door is something most homeowners take great care in doing, but how much thought goes into adding a storm door to your home? Here, we'll cover what a storm door is used for, what materials typically comprise a storm door, the various types of storm doors you have to choose from, and the benefits of installing a storm door (or two) at your house.

What Is a Storm Door?

A storm door is another type of door that is installed in front of your front or back door. As the name implies, its purpose is to add an extra layer of protection to your home from inclement and stormy weather.

Storm doors also offer wonderful ventilation to your home. They allow you to let in natural light without letting cool air in, and they add an extra layer of insulation to your home. Storm doors block cold drafts from coming in and hot air from escaping. In cooler months, a storm door with a screen lets in a nice breeze without letting in bugs and debris.

What Are Storm Doors Made Of?

Storm doors are made from aluminum and have foam for insulation. Aluminum is the ideal choice for material because of its durability, resistance to weather and rust, and its budget-friendliness. Storm doors can also be customized with different finishes, hardware, and glass, so you'll be able to install one that fits your home and style perfectly.

5 Common Types of Storm Doors

A pretty wide variety of storm doors is available on the market, but there are five main differentiations to consider when choosing to do a storm door installation.

1. Full-View Storm Doors

Full view storm doors are made almost entirely of a single pane of glass. They offer a full view, both inside and out, and are great for letting in tons of natural light. Most full-view storm doors come with a screen panel that can be switched out with the glass panel in warmer months.

2. Partial-View Storm Doors

A partial-view storm door has a larger door-to-glass ratio. These doors still allow natural light and air in, but they also offer a little more privacy.

3. Retractable Storm Doors

A retractable storm door is like a full view, but it's also a storm door with a screen. The upper part of the glass has a windowpane with a screen, and the screen retracts into the body of the door when it's not being used.

4. Ventilating Storm Doors

Ventilating storm doors can be full or partial view doors. They're also a storm door with a screen, but these screens aren't removable or retractable.

5. Custom Storm Doors

Custom storm doors allow you to choose the functionality and specifications of your storm door. One of the most common customizations on a storm door installation is the addition of a pet door.

A Few Benefits of Installing a Storm Door

Adding a storm door to your home has countless benefits. Protecting your front door from weather and letting in light and air are just a few of the pros. The other main benefits of a storm door include:

· Improved energy efficiencyStorm doors that are made of aluminum and use quality glass, like low-emissivity glass, help improve the energy efficiency of your home, which means you spend less on utilities.

· Better curb appeal — Due to how customizable storm doors are, you can really personalize your storm door to complement your home aesthetic and enhance your curb appeal. And if you ever choose to sell your home, better curb appeal will help you sell faster.

· Noise reduction — A storm door insulates your home not only from the weather, but also from noise. Given the type and thickness of glass used in storm doors, sound doesn't travel from the street into your home, so the insulation makes your home more peaceful.

· Added securityStorm doors have a bolt and lock padlock, so when you install a storm door, your home gets one extra layer of security.

Many homeowners wonder whether they need a storm door at all, and we always encourage people to invest in one, when looking. If you're shopping for a storm door and want to find a company that has inventory and completes quality and seamless storm door installations that leave customers satisfied, contact us today.