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Foggy Windows? See Why Your Home Might Benefit By Replacing Your Windows Now

Foggy Windows? Benefit By Replacing Your Windows Now

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Energy Efficient Windows

Insulation on your current windows just not cutting it? We know Texas is coming out of a winter storm and summer is just around the corner - so what can you do to keep your home better insulated? Time for spring cleaning, home edition! We are going to take you step-by-step on where your current windows could be missing the mark, and what to look for to keep your home well insulated and fog-free.

Foggy Windows

After the ice and snow we received this recent February, and the continued precipitation we will receive going into Spring, you may be leery of fogging windows or condensation between your window panes. This could be an indicator of a few different things going wrong with your current windows.

One issue found to create foggy windows is that the window was not sealed properly. At Expo Home Improvement, installers are trained to properly install and seal your windows. All installers go through a rigorous training process to ensure all projects are completed with the highest quality of craftmanship possible.


Insulation is one of the most important factors to keeping your home at your desired temperature while also keeping precipitation out. A good quality window will have multiple insulation features to do just that. Features of the Anlin window, sold at Expo Home Improvement, that deem our windows superior in insulation are the Innergy® Rigid Thermal Reinforcements, three triple-fin weatherstrips, and ComfortCore™ green foam.

Innergy® Rigid Thermal Reinforcements are ultra-strong fiberglass thermal inserts that provide thermal insulation and strength inside the key components of the sash and frame. This means it keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter through its extra strength products.

On any of our sliding window options, there are three triple-fin weatherstrips that keep the weather and precipitation out, keeping your home comfortable inside and saving you on energy bills.

And lastly, ComfortCore™ green foam fills strategic chambers in the window frames to further enhance the insulation these windows can provide. The foam creates an additional barrier between you and the outside elements.

Double-Pane Windows

Did you know most national window companies engineer their windows based on the needs of northeast homes? Although we did just encounter a historic winter storm in Texas, the facts are that we don't deal with this kind of extreme cold weather often and do not need a three-pane window here in Texas.

Here at Expo Home Improvement, we offer a window specifically designed with Texas in mind. We have found that single-pane windows just don't cut it if you are looking for energy efficiency in your home, and a triple-pane window is more fit for a northeast winter and can cost you more for something you don't need. Our Anlin Del Mar window is a double-pane window that is perfect for mild Texas winters but also has all the proper insulation for our extreme summers.

Ready to Invest in Your Home?

We truly care about your home and want to make sure you are protected against whatever weather Texas may throw your way. If you're ready to love your home again, Expo Home Improvement can help. Contact us today and get your free quote to fight against foggy windows.