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How to Choose a Bathroom Paint Color You’ll Love

How to Choose a Bathroom Paint Color You’ll Love

Are you tired of old, outdated walls that don't match your aesthetic? Or maybe you might be looking to bring some life back into your powder room. Impress your friends and family by adding a little pop of color to your bathroom walls.

Here at Expo Home Improvement, we understand that picking a paint color can seem overwhelming, but it is a crucial step in your bathroom renovation process. Whether you want a dainty powder room or a peaceful oasis, picking the right paint color will not only impress your guests and family but can also be a great first step in the bathroom renovation process.

Here are three things to think about when choosing the perfect paint color for your new bathroom:

1. The Rule of Three - As you're looking to narrow down your bathroom color scheme, using the rule of three can provide a guide for how to evenly distribute the paint color or colors you decide to settle on. The rule of three is defined as picking one neutral, one rich color, and one accent color. The key is using the 70/20/10 method. This method encourages people to use the lighter-toned color for 70% of the room's look, to give 20% to the second lightest color, and dedicate the last 10% of the room to the boldest color. This rule of three will ensure that your room has the pop of color you've been wanting and can be easily matched throughout the year.

2. Different Colors Drive Different Emotions - When designing your bathroom and creating your aesthetic, be aware of the different moods that can be stimulated by the colors you choose. Different colors can impact, enhance, and lower different moods, and you want to be sure you create the best space fit for the emotions you wish to experience.

For example, promoting peace and serenity in a space can be attained by using blue bathroom colors. If you are set on using blue bathroom colors, your space will mock natural elements and will therefore evoke emotions of peace, stability, and serenity.

Using dark bathroom colors can give the illusion of lower ceilings. If you want a vibrant bathroom, green paint colors create similar feelings of blue tones by bringing in feelings of serenity and balance. By analyzing the moods that'll be stirred as you enter your new space, you'll create a better understanding of what paint colors are attractive and a right fit for you.

3. Don't Change the Color, Change the Space - There are many things to look at within the space before upgrading. A good first step is to look at how big your bathroom is, how low your ceilings are, or how long your room is. Once you do this, you'll be able to determine possible shades, tones, contrasts, and tints in your bathroom. You can make a bathroom seem bigger by using colors that are light, dull, or more cool-toned.

If you want to shrink your bathroom, use warm, bright, or dark-colored paints. Using strong saturation will provide the illusion of lower ceilings, whereas lighter tints will provide the illusion of spacious higher ceilings. Doing something as simple as adding bright bathroom cabinet colors, you can draw the eye toward the cabinets and provide lots of pizzazz to wow your guests.

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