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Keeping the Summer Heat Out of Your Home

Keeping the Summer Heat Out of Your Home

High summer temperatures can often make an oven out of your house. Yet, many homeowners don't want to run the air conditioning any more than necessary. To keep you cool, Expo Home Improvement has put together several alternatives to shut out the heat.

1. Get New Windows

Replacing drafty window cases and glass with new energy-efficient windows can do a lot to keep the house cool. Our professional technicians can install Low-E glass that has a special transparent coating designed to radiate solar energy away from the home. This allows light in, without the heat.

2. Open Windows at the Right Time

Keeping the windows open allows a nice draft to enter, but this works better when the outside air is cooler than the inside. Ideally, you should open windows in the early morning or evening. When it gets hot outside, close the place up tight to keep the cold in.

3. Create a Cross Breeze

Another trick to encourage the flow of air is to open windows on opposite sides of the house. This provides a path for air to move through your home. If you own a two-story property, open a window upstairs and one downstairs. Cooler air will be pulled in on the first floor as hot air escapes through the second-floor window.

4. Consider a Window Application

When the sun shines into your home it tends to heat things up. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to block the sunlight out. You can install a window shade using a traditional hanger, or even a tension rod inside a deep window sill. Tints and reflective wraps are also very good at blocking solar radiation. Some of these only darken the glass slightly so that you can still see outside.

5. Install a House Exhaust Fan

A built-in whole house exhaust fan pulls air out of the entire building in just a few minutes. It is usually installed in the ceiling between the top floor of your home and the attic. Air is sucked through the fan into the attic and pushed out through special vents in the roof. For the best results, you need to open a couple of windows on the ground floor for outside air to enter your home.

Sometimes, the best option is replacing drafty windows around your home for a more airtight seal. This keeps the indoor temperature cooler for longer. When you're ready for Dallas replacement windows, reach out to us about setting up an appointment for a free in-home consultation.