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Out With Your Old Mood. In With New Windows!

Out With Your Old Mood. In With New Windows!

Energy Efficient Windows

It's official: 2021 is in full swing. You may have been hitting the gym and trying a new diet. How effective is your new year's self-care routine? Back in December 2020, on our blog, we discussed how you can boost your mood with natural light. Not only can a new window help bring cheer into your life; but it can also act as a metaphor for this renewed energy and focus that a new year brings.

Shift your perspective.

The renewed optimism and resolutions people make in the new year are an excellent reminder of perspective. How are you changing your views in 2021? Will you look to the future with a new perspective?

Think of purchasing new windows for your home not only as a wise investment but a small step that can cause a fundamental shift in how you view the world. The right window can make your workspace more energetic. Or, you can bring a little zen into your kitchen with a garden window filled with cheerful plants. These types of small bonuses make investing in new windows for your home all the more valuable.

Brighten your day.

A ray of beaming light is simply magical. Who doesn't love seeing sunlight stream into their favorite room? That's one of the wonderful pleasures of being a homeowner in Texas. The stars are big and bright and so is the sunshine on a crisp, beautiful day.

Many scientific studies draw a direct correlation between brighter light and positive moods. However, stronger light also helps us gain new perspective on our homes because you will literally see your home in an entirely new light. Tons of homeowners remark on how different their home feels after replacing their windows with us. It's because older windows simply do not have the kind of clarity ours do. That means you'll see your home and life in an entirely new light.

Shake off the cold.

While you can't control the weather, you can mitigate its impact on your seasonal mood. Even though winters are mild in Texas, there are always one or two unexpected cold snaps each year. Now that you're energized by the new year: don't let a wintery blast get you down.

Subpar windows mean poor insulation and they are a drain on energy usage, both on your home and you! Our windows have multiple panes of glass that have a Low-E coating and are filled with Argon gas in between. That means your home's temperature stays regulated and consistent, along with your mood.

Ready for new windows to change your frame of mind? Supercharge your new year momentum and look at your home and life in an entirely new light. The Expo Home Improvement pros are standing by to kick off your replacement window project. Get a fresh perspective on 2021 by contacting us to get started.