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Refer Us and Get $100 Cash

Refer Us and Get $100 Cash

Refer Us and Get $100 Cash… and Your Referred Friend or Neighbor Gets a $100 Discount Off Their Project

We know our customers don’t refer us for the cash reward. You refer us only when you are very satisfied with the job we did and trust us to do the same for a friend, family member or neighbor. Still, we think it is important to THANK YOU in a tangible way for giving us the ultimate vote of confidence.

Referrals Can Save You Money!

Our referral program is simple – we don’t play games or gimmicks.

  • If a referred friend, family member, or neighbor does a project with Window Expo after your referral, we will send you a check for $100.00 as a thank you. (For one of the best ways to earn multiple referrals, see Lawn Sign idea below).
  • The person you referred will receive $100 discount directly off the total cost of their project.

Ways to Refer

  • Fill out referral cards that we provide at the completion of your job
  • You can always call us if months later you hear of a friend looking to replace windows
  • Lawn Sign – One of the best ways to get referral bonuses is to keep our lawn sign in your yard for a couple of weeks after we complete your job. There is, of course, no obligation to do this. But many of our customers have earned multiple referral bonuses by leaving the sign up for a few weeks.

We are very appreciative of your referrals. Our promise is to always treat any referred person with the same respect and professionalism you received from Window Expo.