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Should My Front Door Have Glass?

Should My Front Door Have Glass?

Contrary to traditional wooden doors, glass doors have become the popular choice as more homeowners are opting to install them for their front doors due to their added curb appeal.

Glass front doors may provide a unique style and quality but their fragility leaves homeowners wondering if they are a good option for their next upgrade.

Let's look over your options so you can confidently determine if you should choose a glass front door.

Safety & Security

The foremost worry from homeowners considering replacing their single front doors is the concern regarding safety and security, particularly if you have a big front door. Glass doors can be a target for potential burglars who can shatter the glass and unlock the door.

All glass is fragile, and the concern for safety dramatically increases with lower-quality glass doors. Nowadays, there are multiple types of glass that are reinforced (such as tempered glass) making it a safer alternative to protect from potential break-ins.

Other added functions can increase the safety of your doors such as deadbolts on the interior, glass breakage sensors, and additional security film on the glass to fortify the glass making it far more secure.

Durability & Insulation

Beyond wanting durable glass on your front door to secure your safety, overall durability is important to block out the outside elements.

Durability is important because with a glass front door you may have to add extra insulation to block out heat and cold transfers between the exterior and interior.

Think about adding blinds or other window treatments or even consider a black front door with glass which can serve to block out cold but also could increase heat.

However, with different types of tempered glass, you can gain both security and durability to withstand high and low temperatures that could negatively affect your utility bill.

Lighting & Privacy

One of the biggest appeals to glass front doors is the additional brightening aspect of an entryway as it can brighten your home.

Allowing natural light in can give a warm and welcoming quality to your home. There are multiple options allowing you to tailor the amount of light you want to let into your home.

However, though glass front doors allow an increase of light and a great view of your outdoor surroundings this can also lessen the privacy of your home.

Consider frosted, decorative, or opaque glass styles allowing you to preserve specific privacy needs.

*Keep in mind, that the added light can affect your energy bill with the additional light causing your entryway to heat up.*


Upgrading your single front door is one of the simplest ways to add aesthetic curb appeal to your home — and the options for decorative front doors are endless!

Compared to wooden or metal doors, glass door styles can add designs and patterns in the glass that showcase your style and add significant curb appeal.

When considering how you will enhance the style of your glass door there are other factors to keep in mind that can change the style of the door…

  • What is the material of the door — Is it steel, wood, or fiberglass?
  • What is the style of the existing hardware on the door?
  • Are the colors of the stain or paint cohesive?
  • Will the transoms and sidelights need to be replaced?

Ultimately, the style of door you prefer is subjective and really comes down to what you want while balancing that with the function, conditions, and restrictions you need for your door.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to add curb appeal to your home or want to give your entryway some added light, the decision to add a glass door can be an intimidating process.

Although having a decorative front door may be at the top of your list, it is important to consider safety, durability, and overall style.

Consider consulting with a door and window expert to get more personalized advice or home consultation.

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