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Why To Consider a Bath-Shower Combo

Why To Consider a Bath-Shower Combo

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Why do fast-food menus include combination meals? To save people time and money by giving them a combination of things they already want at a reduced price. Combos are great in several areas of our lives, from meals to homes.

Take bath-shower combinations, for example. From maximizing your bathroom remodeling budget to saving precious space, a bath-shower combo can be a great option for homeowners. Installing a tub-shower combo can also be easier and less time consuming to install versus installing a new shower and new bath separately.

Not convinced? Here are four reasons why to consider a bath-shower combo.

Reason #1: Save Space

New shower? New bath? If you want both of these, it's going to require a significant amount of space in the bathroom. Unless you get a bath-shower combo, that is. With a bath-shower combo, you'll get the benefits of a new shower and a new bath, but only taking up the space of a single unit. The space that your existing shower or bath was occupying is now free for a cabinet or other bathroom feature.

Reason #2: Maximize Budget

It's often more affordable to get a bath-shower combo than it would be to get a new shower and new bath individually. If you're doing an entire bathroom remodel, choosing a bath-shower combo will help your budget go further and you can choose an additional feature you didn't think you could afford or find space for on your blueprints.

Reason #3: You Need a Replacement

The third reason for why to consider a bath-shower combo is that you already have a bath-shower combo and you still want to have a bath. This ties back to space, but also plumbing and the general scope and budget for the remodeling you have planned. If you already have a bath-shower combo… then this may be the main reason why you should consider a bath-shower combo: a replacement vs. bathroom overhaul.

Reason #4: Maintain Flexibility

Oftentimes, homeowners will feel like they have to choose either a new bath or new shower, whether due to budgetary or space concerns. But this can negatively impact the person in the household who, say, enjoys showers when you installed a new bath only. Or vice-versa. With a bath-shower combo, you maintain the flexibility of having both options available.

The reasons of why to consider a bath-shower combo aren't limited to this list, but we figure these four reasons are the most convincing. If you're interested in a bathroom remodeling project like a bath-shower combo install, contact us today for a free quote.