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Shower-to-Tub Conversions

*Products vary by geographical location

Our Shower-to-Tub Conversion Service can 

Give You the Bathtub You’ve Been Desiring

If you're the type of person who enjoys soaking in a relaxing bath, but your bathroom currently only has a shower stall, Expo Home Improvement is here for you. With our shower to tub conversion service, you can have the bathtub you've been dreaming of. Our expert installers are able to fit your new bathtub into your current bath space in as little as one or two days, making it as simple as possible for you to enjoy the luxurious bath you deserve. It's all part of our commitment to helping homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Central Texas, and San Antonio areas upgrade their homes to meet their unique needs.

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A New Bathtub 

Designed Just For You

While we are able to perform a shower to tub conversion in just a day or two, the convenience of our service is not a sacrifice for quality. Your new bathtub will be gleaming and elegant, and will upgrade the look of the entire bathroom. You can also be sure that it will fit in with the aesthetics of the rest of your bathroom, as you will be able to customize numerous aspects of your new bath space. Options include wall surrounds in solid colors or patterns such as tile and marble, fixtures in various metallic finishes, and even optional accessories like grab bars and corner caddies. We also offer multiple types of bathtubs depending on your needs, including:

  • Traditional bathtubs, for those looking for a simple upgrade
  • Deep soaker whirlpool tubs that let you enjoy a spa-like experience in your own home
  • Walk-in bathtubs that let those with limited mobility bathe independently and confidently

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To learn more about our shower to tub conversion service, contact Expo Home Improvement today or fill out the form for a free quote. We are also happy to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation in your Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin or San Antonio area home.