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Tub-Shower Combo

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Get the Best of Both Worlds with a

Tub-Shower Combo 

A tub-shower combo can be an excellent solution when there are multiple bathing needs in one household. One person may enjoy hopping in and out of quick and convenient shower, while another may prefer to unwind at the end of the day with a soak in the tub. Or perhaps there are young children in the house, and it's far easier to bathe them in a tub. That's why Expo Home Improvement is here to help Dallas-Fort Worth, Central Texas, and San Antonio homeowners meet all their bathing needs with our stellar customer service and superior bath products. Soak up healthy living by making a big improvement in your life and bathroom. Learn more on our blog.

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Tub-Shower Combo Installed in Days

The installers at Expo Home Improvement are professionally trained and certified, so they are knowledgeable on the proper installation protocols for our specific products. What's more, they can typically complete the installation of a shower tub combination in just 1-2 days, so you will experience minimal inconvenience in achieving the bathroom of your dreams. Plus, you can be sure that your new tub-shower combo will look amazing and stay that way for years to come, because it will be:

  • Customized to your preferences, as you will be able to choose the bathtub skirt style and color, wall surround color or pattern, fixtures and faucets, and even optional accessories like shelves and grab bars
  • Durable, because our tubs and wall surrounds are manufactured from a high grade, first generation vinyl that will not warp, crack, dent, or peel
  • Easy to clean, as this acrylic is also infused with SilverShield™, an antimicrobial solution that thwarts mold and mildew growth
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy your new tub and shower for the rest of the time you own your home

Furthermore, if you currently have a shower stall but feel a shower tub combination is the bath solution for you, our skilled installers can complete a shower to tub conversion, also in as little as a few days, so you can get a bathroom that works for your whole family in no time.

Contact Expo Home Improvement today, or fill out our form for a free quote, to get started on designing your new bath space. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, Central Texas, and San Antonio areas.

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