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My Wooden Door is Stuck, Now What?

My Wooden Door is Stuck, Now What?

Opening and shutting doors is a simple task we take for granted. Most of us would probably say that we expect doors to open, and when they don't, we might get a bit frustrated, depending on the situation. In this article, we will discuss how to open a stuck wooden door for those of you who have found (or may find) yourself in that situation, as well as alternative options if you are looking for a new door altogether.

Why is my wooden door stuck?

Depending on the season, you might find your answer by checking the temperature outside. Wood expands in the heat, and if it expands too much, it will be too snug in its frame. This is especially true for wooden front doors and exterior wood doors. The doors of your house exposed to the elements are more likely to become stuck due to the heat.

You will need to check if your door has expanded to determine if it is the heat. You can do this by grabbing a thick piece of paper (think card stock or construction paper) and running it between the door and the door frame. There should be just the slightest amount of space in between the two. If the paper won't budge, your door has likely expanded because of the heat.

The way to fix this is by sanding your door down along the edges. You might feel comfortable doing this yourself, but we recommend calling an experienced professional. If you sand your door down too much, you might reverse the problem and create too large a space between the door and the frame. Sanding too much could cause another set of issues with your insulation, so be sure to sand carefully or better yet, call an expert.

But it's not summer; what else could it be?

If it's not summer and your door is still stuck, it is likely an issue with the installation or one part of the door not working correctly. It could be that the door came off the hinges or one of the hinges is loose. It could also be that the strike plate has become loose and no longer allows the latch to come out fully.

Either of these are easy fixes that require just a few tools for the job. However, if you are not confident in your ability to properly fix the door, you should contact an experienced professional. Their expertise will ensure you don't do anything to worsen the problem.

How can I avoid a stuck door altogether?

Whether looking for a front door or storm doors, you have plenty of options. Not only are these options just as aesthetically pleasing as wooden front doors, but they can also be more durable. Where wooden doors are susceptible to damage from wind, rain, snow, and heat; fiberglass and steel doors will hold up to the elements and they tend to last much longer than wooden doors.

There are other reasons to consider fiberglass or steel. If you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible, fiberglass or steel is the way to go. They are thicker materials and have numerous insulating features that keep the outside, out and the inside, in.

Fiberglass and steel doors are great for security as well. These doors are heavy-duty, and they are nearly impossible to break down.

Because they are so durable, they will save you money in the future. The maintenance cost for fiberglass and steel doors is much lower than the maintenance cost for wooden ones. Plus, the money you'll save on energy bills will put a smile on your face!

If you want to change your wooden doors to fiberglass or steel, please contact Expo Home Improvement today!