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Will New Windows Add to My Home's Value?

Will New Windows Add to My Home's Value?

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We weigh cost against value with every purchase decision we make. For example, you're willing to sacrifice five dollars for that morning coffee in exchange for the caffeine and deliciousness it provides. Or, you choose to drive instead of walk to work for the benefit it will give your feet.

It's no different for home improvements.

Windows, in particular, are a common area of the home where we must carefully decide whether replacing them is worth the cost. In an approach to new home windows as an investment, we try to answer "will new windows add to my home's value?"

Ways New Windows Add Value to Your Home

Financially, windows do move the needle some when it comes to your home's value. But it really depends on the type of new window you choose, as well as the frame, finish and a few other factors as well as the condition of the outgoing windows. If you're upgrading the energy efficiency of your windows, this will add value by enhancing your home's comfort level and reducing future energy bills (as well as give you some tax benefits in the meantime). The material and finish you use for your frames can also have an impact, depending on how much of an upgrade they were over the previous materials used. But if you're replacing your new windows with an inferior product, it won't help the home's value.

Other Benefits of Window Replacement

The benefits of new windows aren't just financial, either. There are some other considerations to keep in mind, such as the fact new windows improve the curb appeal of your home, which may be beneficial if you plan on selling soon. You can also improve peace of mind and reduce stress by experiencing more utility cost control. Other benefits of window replacements include:

  • Reduction in noise transfer, creating a more peaceful environment

  • Less upkeep and maintenance required due to vinyl material that doesn't warp or peel

  • Improved interior and exterior aesthetics due to newer appearance

Installing New Windows: Where to Start

The only question is, who installs new windows? It's a tough task for a homeowner to accomplish on their own, which is why a professional window installer is the best place to turn. The first step is to decide on a professional, so call around and ask for quotes. The best companies will offer a consultation, or demo, before committing to services and have a track record of satisfied customers. Once you've decided on who to use, you'll go over the specific windows with them and they'll work with you to meet your goals—for both the windows and the value of your home.

Will new windows add to my home's value? In a word: yes. However, your needs are unique and a blanket response doesn't do this question justice.

Our experts would love to discuss further as it pertains to your home and situation. If you're interested in new windows, contact us today for a no-obligation quote.