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5 Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

5 Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

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Spring cleaning is at a certain time on the calendar for a reason. As we exit the winter months, we have to address areas of our home that have laid dormant or unused for weeks. This often means giving these areas proper cleaning, but it could also apply to home improvement.

After all, you're not limited to cleaning in the spring. Here are five spring home improvement ideas to inspire you this season.

1. Insulation

Spring is the best time of the year to install insulation in Texas. Why? Since we live in a hotter climate, our homes are taxed most during the summer months. That makes now the best time to install insulation, as there will be more homeowners trying to book home improvement companies in limited slots as we approach summer. Installing a product like eShield™ Foil Insulation in your attic can reduce your energy bills and strain on your AC system significantly. If you want an improvement you'll enjoy the rest of the year, insulation might be the best way to go.

2. Windows

All of the light that comes with spring and summer can lift your spirits, but it can also lift the temperature in your home if your windows are transferring heat easily. Energy-efficient windows can be an ideal solution here and there are a variety of window types available, from single- or double-hung windows to awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, and more. Replacing windows is a home improvement idea that can really upgrade the look of your home as well.

3. Doors

Like windows, doors can leech cold air out from your home. It's important to ensure your doors are insulated, installed properly, and made from the right materials. This could be a functional home improvement idea for spring, but also an aesthetic one, as replacing the front door to your home can play a big part in its curb appeal.

4. Shower

Why not use the spring season as an excuse to consider a bathroom remodel? Many people choose to only focus on one room or area for spring projects and the bathroom is an ideal choice. Some ways you can improve or upgrade your shower situation include walk-in showers, shower-tub combos, shower enclosures, tub-to-showers, roll-in showers, and custom showers.

5. Bathtub

Likewise, there are lots of options to improve your bathtub as well. If you have the space, a standalone bathtub can be a statement-making focal point in any modern bathroom. Other bathtub upgrades for spring to consider include spa or jacuzzi tubs, tub-shower combos, and bath conversions. Whatever you're envisioning, go for it!

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