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7 Popular Front Door Colors (and Their Benefits)

7 Popular Front Door Colors (and Their Benefits)

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Of all the doors in your home, the front door has the biggest effect on your curb appeal. After all, it's the only one visible from the street. As such, its color plays a big part in your home's first impression.

If you're debating a color change, you have options to consider, of course. Here are seven of the most popular ones, along with their benefits.

Front Door Color #1: Red

If there's a color that's classic and comforting, it's red. This positive color symbolizes luck and invites visitors with a hue that lends itself well to a variety of decor styles, from traditional to modern.

Front Door Color #2: Black

Another versatile color is black. An elegant statement maker, black adds a touch of drama to your curb appeal and especially sands out against light exteriors. Black doors stand out well against any decor style and are a popular choice for a variety of architectural styles.

Front Door Color #3: Blue

Evoking a sense of tranquility and peace, blue is a popular choice for the beachy vibes it adds in any space. If you're looking to make a soothing first impression—no matter whether the room has coastal or tranquil themes—blue could be the ideal color for you.

Front Door Color #4: Green

For those who can't get enough of nature, green keeps those lively feelings of the outdoors inside, signifying the growth and harmony you love so much. Green is an inviting hue that immediately tells someone that you connect with the outdoors.

Front Door Color #5: Yellow

Radiating cheerfulness and positivity, yellow adds a burst of energy to your entryway or another area typically known for dark spaces. It adds feelings of happiness and warmth and immediately makes it a little more inviting.

Front Door Color #6: Brown

The earthy tones of brown are popular these days due to their warm tones and ideal fit with rustic environments. Coordinating well with exterior colors, brown is comforting and secure, adding a feeling of strength and stability to a space.

Front Door Color #7: Teal

Finally, teal adds the benefits of both green and blue while retaining a modern, inviting feel of calmness. It shows others that you value both creativity and balance.

These are just a few front door colors to consider. Whether you're replacing the entire front door or simply its color, call for a consultation today.