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The 6 Most Popular Types of Window Replacements

The 6 Most Popular Types of Window Replacements

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When it comes to home improvement, many people don't know where to start. This is especially true for complex, labor-intensive projects like window replacements.

From bay windows to awning windows, there are a wide variety of options available today. But some are more popular than others, and for good reasons. Which should you consider?

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Here are six of the most popular options for your next window replacement.

1. Traditional ("Single-Hung") Windows

The most popular type of window is the one people are most familiar with. Sometimes called "traditional windows" or "standard windows," single-hung windows feature a bottom sash that opens and closes. There is also a top sash that remains stationary. These windows tend to be rectangular or square in shape and feature two panes.

2. Bay Windows

These classic windows make a statement in any room, adding beauty and light to the space. Since these windows are usually large and feature more panes than traditional windows, it's especially helpful to let professional window installers handle your window replacement. Bay windows open up a room and can even add more functionality if you add a seating area in front of the bay windows, for example.

3. Garden Windows

If you have a green thumb, garden windows can help your indoor plants thrive. Replacing your windows with garden windows provides a lot of space and an abundance of light. This makes them ideal for patios, kitchens, or anywhere you want to create an indoor greenhouse. Since garden windows tend to protrude from the home, they create additional space for displaying succulents and other items.

4. Sliding Windows

Whether you live in Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio, your Texas home could probably use a breeze from time to time. Choosing a window replacement with sliding windows will let you easily adjust how much ventilation to allow into your home and is ideal for families with children or pets that need to frequently access the outdoors. Sliding window installations normally face the backyard, but other options are available.

5. Bow Windows

With a complex window installation that requires special knowledge and expertise, bow windows are highly sought after and usually custom-made to fit your home's needs (and your tastes). Bow windows can consist of four or more windows in varying styles—including some that are stationary and some that are open—so consult with a window replacement specialist before deciding if a bow window is right for you.

6. Awning Windows

The last type of window replacement we'll cover today—there are more options available—is the awning window. If you're not familiar, awning windows are a unique way to let light into your home. Hinged at the top and opening outward, these windows are ideal for certain locations like the first floor or basement. They can give your home ventilation even during light rain.

If you're considering a window replacement, contact Expo Home Improvement today and our trained specialists will review options that can be customized to your needs.